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  1. Girl laughing after using Monkey bomb

    Ow wait, I read over the Playable Area part!! :) Thanks for the info @Tac! Thread can be closed
  2. Girl laughing after using Monkey bomb

    No that is not the case. 4:08 monkey bomb, no laughing (and attracts zombies) 20:55 monkey thrown in both wells with laughing (and doesn't attract zombies)
  3. I couldn't find anything about this so I'll post my findings here to see if this is known (and perhaps part of an Easter egg??). There are several location where you hear a girl laughing when throwing a monkey bomb. Same audio as when the box moves to another place. For example the room where the Zombie is hanging from the sealing, the wells near teleported B, several zombie spawn location and when thrown in the rooms that are set on fire. Is this known or did anyone else notice this? Btw, when this is done, the Monkeys are "useless" as they won't attract any zombies.
  4. Hello Zombies

    Hi Boys and Girls, New on this forum so this will be my first post... Came here because I might have found 2 possible Easter egg leads on The Giant, in relation with the monkey bombs and the annihilator. Both actions taken came with game "interaction". Will be uploading a vid for that within an couple days. Ps. Gamertag PSN = safariflow