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  1. ADFGX cipher

    So like the person that posted above me, I have been working on this why I am unable to be on BO3. Most of my findings you guys have already mentioned, but theres a few things that I noticed that arn't posted here so I figured I would throw them out there. We are missing something, and im half tempted to go back to MOTD to check around even more, it's always been my favorite map anyway. But I did notice something on the page that this cipher is located. Above the cipher, there is "something" scribbled out, nowhere else on the page has something scribbled out, it rather has just a simple X through it. So it makes me think that something is hidden under there, some valuable information. There are almost a thousand different possible 6 letter keywords and combined with alternate alphabets theres billions of combinations, it's not possible to just "guess" and we shouldn't have to analyse it when the information is right in front of us we just havn't noticed it yet.