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  1. How to level the bowie knife?

    How do you level up your bowie knife in zombies? iv'e been knifing with it and it doesnt seem to be getting any xp.
  2. Any fellow Master Prestiges?

    prestige 1 level 20 something thanks to all my failed easter egg attempts on shadows.
  3. SOE hiden picture/origins connection?

    Thanks for the reply! thought this up while watching one of MRroflwaaffles videos and wanted to know if this was a decent theory! :)
  4. Hi guys! do you know that hidden picture that is all torn up in SOE? in the botom right area, it says the children will be safe in the (im assuming it says house) Now think back to the origins ending where Could this plan be to hide them in this house where they may be safe from the zombies? just sharing a theory i had! :)