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  1. Here it is guys enjoy! Make sure to check out my channel for more. :) VIDEO TUTORIAL -TEXT TUTORIAL- 1. Start up the game using the low level account (controller 1) 2. Enter MP menu and sign in to high level account (controller 2) 3. Back out controller 2 from party 4. USING CONTROLLER 1, Back out to main menu [The one where the "press x to start" appears] 5. Once in the main menu, press x to start USING CONTROLLER 2 [Black screen will appear] 6. You will get an error message, accept USING CONTROLLER 2 7. Immediately after, quickly double tap x USING CONTROLLER 1 [You will hear a clicking sound] 8. Soon after hearing the 'clicking' notification, spam x USING CONTROLLER 2 until you get a "Connecting to Online Service" message 9. Once you see the message stated above, spam x again, but this time with CONTROLLER 1, keeping pressing x until you see it signed in at the menu with the other account 10. Join a game and get a kill to get the prestige to stick!