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  1. =SPOILERS= Zombies Story

    Please note as the title says this is a spoiler because I wish to discuss what MY personal theory is so far with BO3 zombies and the easter egg so far (=) ^Sorry if this does not work, I literally am signing onto forums completely new trying to get this information out there. Now, I don't have the game so I hope people actually look into a lot of the things I say here, but after seeing LOTS of Zombies game play on BO3 and seeing easter egg done both on The Giant and Shadows of Evil, I have come up with a theory of the events so far. Now at first I was watching the Giant because I enjoyed that map from WaW, but one thing I know treyarch does not do (As shown in past with BO1 remaking the same map) is they don't change stuff related to the easter egg without reason. Now the person who is controlling the zombies sounds like Dr.Maxis to me.....so that got me thinking on a lot of things of whats going on, but it FINALLY hit me when I saw Shadow's of Evil easter egg finished with the ending. So, back in the origin's easter egg everyone knows so well with the ending where you send the maxis drone to the sky etc. Now if you listen to the beginning of the map Origins Samantha tells you how the germans were making their "Final push", now what if when you sent the Maxis Drone into the sky, it alternated time and history creating another dimension, restarting the timeline BACK TO WHEN ZOMBIES FIRST ARRIVED, hence Samantha is still a child and not leader of zombies, maxis is alive and saying he has a plan (The time travel theory from WAY back in WaW) but now things changed. Maxis in the factory map plays the hide and seek game to regain his memory as told when you find the toys, then at the end of Shadow's of Evil, Richtofen from Origins states "I have a universe I have to make right" or something along those lines. As you can see all this is piecing together as an alter in the timeline! So the complaints people had of this all being a game I am theorizing is wrong, it was not all a game, time was just reset to the period of time when the zombies first arrived and Maxis began the tests! Please for those who have the game look into this and find more secrets, as I said this is stuff I got from JUST watching videos of other people, I really wish I had the money to get the game and console to actually learn this stuff for myself, but share your thoughts.