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  1. 191185

    Can I upgrade the HG 40

    I meant like fast mags, scopes, rapid fire,
  2. I just started seeing this gun in the mystery box, is there any way to upgrade it like the other guns ?
  3. 191185

    How to get past round 35 ?

    the catwalk room, is big enough to circle around in the higher levels ? interesting, I always thought it was too small. I will give it a shot.
  4. 191185

    How to get past round 35 ?

    Hello, I'm very new to this Map, and have never really been able to get past round 20 or so in the other maps on ps3 but for the Giant, I go to the Catwalk, get two assault rifles, pack-a-punch both, speed-cola, and Juggernaug. just camping on the catwalk, and using what's mentioned above, I can get into the early 30 rounds ... I'm assuming after that point, I'm going to have to start running laps around the map, and "train" the zombies all in a lineup ? any tips, or help, specifically for the giant, and specifically after round 30 or so ? thanks !

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