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  1. Did I find a new easter egg?

    Thank you guys! One other question, I heard of something like this happening on the map Moon, I never tested it but I saw something like it. Was there anything like that?
  2. Did I find a new easter egg?

    Ok, so I was playing on the giant, I got the easter egg gun from the furnace, meaning I did the fly trap easter egg, unlocked the hidden perk, Deadshot, and didn't get down for the entire game(round 19) I got downed for the first time, used my quick revive, and I heard samanthas laugh and she took all my weopons away! WTF? I died becasue of that samantha... bitch Seriously, me and my bad spelling skillz cannot comprehend this. Wasn't there something like this on Moon? Well, thank you for the answer. Guess that means no quick revive for me... :( But hey! Who needs quick revive when you have skill! Which I also don't have! YAY(I died on round freaking 12, I suck) !