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  1. What are the "Bad Guns" of this game?

    Shieva is meant to be an early game gun and I think it's fine for that, i like the gun. I don't like the pharo because of the burst fire and I feel like it does low damage. I don't like svg if I miss one shot I could have a problem and there isn't much ammo in clip. Another gun I'm not found of is the weevel is feels week to me, 100 round clip when pack a punch is cool but for what I give up in power using it I'll pass. The Argus is another gun I never find myself taking from the box.
  2. dinasur

    Will do. the website looks great and there's a lot of diiferent features ill have to check it all out.
  3. dinasur

    Hello fellow zombie slayers, I'm dinasur. I have been using this site since black ops 1 and I used to be a member. I'm back now and playing black ops 3 and I'm looking for teammates who love zombies as much as me. My gamer tag is Dinasur and I'm on Xbox one. I still have my 360 and I own all of the Treyarch versions of call of duty and have all the old map packs. Anyways it your ever looking for a teammate for high rounds, ee, or just general mayhap message me on here or Xbox and we can team up. I'm in the eastern time zone and usually get on after 5pm but I'll be on all day today.