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    Secret Codes in Shadows Of Evil & The Giant

    In the Giant we see 2 main elements which are electric and ice, we see snow and lightning when we teleport we also have a gumball that freezes zombies and the DG-3 contains electricity...what if we have to use the 2 in some fashion together.... also in the Giant beginning scene when you g Richtofen comes out, look at the 3 lights on top of the teleporter... only 2 are lit up, the middle one is not. Add me on XBL: Dindo Nothin I hope this helps somehow
  2. DindoNothin

    Easter egg ideas

    In the Giant whenever we teleport we see 2 elements which are ice and electric, also in one of the solved notes it says something like "Find the One on the Frozen Mountain" the only thing I can think of that deals with ice in the giant is the gumball which freezes zombies and of course the DG-3 has the electric element itself. Maybe we have to use that gumball and the DG-3 together...?

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