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    Mini Juggernog Fridge's Three Tunes

    So it seems: Fridge is 110-240V in which uses a peltier block and assumably a thermostat instead of a heat exchange. From what is gathered the light emitting piece only consists of a bunch of RLC circuitry for sound filtering and a switch. Clearly this is the case because there is an audio in at the bottom, This says that the sound effects storage is below this internal to the fridge. I took the back off as far as the fan and peltier/heatsink but I thought I was going to break the thing if I dug a screwdriver too far into the foam filler bogged holes which may contain screws or they may just be heat welded plastic PS the auxiliary piece is a real temperamental piece of junk. I am reading people posting online talking about no sound effects and light - it's because the connector internal has bad electrical continuity on its audio channels - spray some contact cleaner and gently move it side to side while in there to get good contact and then DON'T TOUCH IT haha I guess there is some truth to the bloody hand on the side of the fridge as it was made in a cheap Chinese sweatshop. And you definately get what you pay for. Some poor Chinese child is sending you a message in the form of poorly made electronics. " Get us out of here "
  2. M1CK3YB33

    Mini Juggernog Fridge's Three Tunes

    Is anybody able to upload a photo showing the door open switch or whatever is used to trigger the noise, whether or not there are any visible screws on the fridge, any piping which is visible and any technically important points which could be helpful in brainstorming how to get this bad boy apart and modded. Anything and everything is useful! Cheers
  3. M1CK3YB33

    Mini Juggernog Fridge's Three Tunes

    Yes hello I'm an electrician handy with electronics. Soon as I receive the one I got off ebay real keen to make a modified version. Can the people in the mix with this one keep us notified My fear is that the fridge has been made with plastic that has been joined by heat so you can't access the circuitry without breaking the enclosure I also noted someone posted online that your not to use the fridge for more than 12 hours a day. Probably uses cheap as shit fan motors and heat exchange piping. Should look into plumbing it up to last There are also PICAXE micro controller kits which can play music off an SD card. Parts can be found on the Google. Bear in mind I haven't seen the fridge yet and nobody has posted schematics But I definately want to hear the old you need a little reviiveeee

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