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  1. Reliable_Rhino here!

    Heyo! My name as read above is Reliable_Rhino! I generally see myself as an amazing zombies player, for multiple reasons. 1) I was once in the top ten for Moons no man land, at an astonishing 32 minutes! 2) I've been able to reach round 24 on Shadows of Evil, 32 On transit (God help me...) And round 49 on kino der toten! My general play style is like most a good train, but during the early rounds, I try to help everyone out on my team as much as possible during their times in need often downing my self just so they can get up. But I only do that stuff if you don't CONSTANTLY kill steal then I'll just tea bag you while your on the floor >.> If anyone does want to play with me on Ps3 Kino der toten OR Shadows of Evil exclusively just throw a message at my own which knce again in Reliable_Rhino!