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  1. Anoxio

    Round of Applause! This is epic!

    Is there any way you could go further into detail about this like where they where standing gun load out was it accessed or just standing in front anything because i just tried it a billion different ways and can not get this secret "panel" to show up.... please and thank you in advance
  2. Anoxio


    Hello CODZ members i do not know how i have not come across this website before since i have played every zombies game, and it is the only reason i still buy COD lol... but I look forward to helping with BOIIIZ and future zombie's to come. Gamertag We Just Dougie feel free to send me a request to play and once i get my profile page to work and start getting my DVR'D game play and walk troughs uploaded and would like to experience some of the things you might not be able to do on your own or with your usual party feel free to message me here or on xbox and my team and I will gladly work you in the mix because everyone should experience the hidden gems of zombies but that's all for now I hope everyone enjoy's the rest of there day and now i have to send a support ticket to figure out why i keep getting an error code and will not open up my profile page. If any one has any insight to this issue or knows how to resolve it so i do not have to bother the tech people who probably have better issues to deal with that would be amazing and i'am sure they would appreciate the help also lol..... - Anoxio

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