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  1. Guns from worst to best. Spoilers!

    I think pretty much any gun on the game is good compared to other games. There are a few terrible ones but for the most part the guns are all pretty good.
  2. The Giant Highest Round

    A buddy and I got to round 41 by using only wall guns. There are a ton of overpowered wall guns such as the KN 44. Gonna shoot for 50 this weekend.
  3. Strange Character Quotes

    I agree. I am excited to see in future DLC how they expand the storyline even further. It seems like they've given the original four a clean slate which means possibilities are endless.
  4. Zombies Prestiging

    I just prestiged on zombies and was given a permanent unlock. I am loving this ranking system, but I was wondering if there are more rewards in later prestiges? Also, how many prestiges are there?
  5. Strange Character Quotes

    Since the game came out I have been noticing a lot of really strange quotes between all of the players. Richtofen seems to be going insane again, and the other three seem unsure as always. Nikolai has killed "at least three Richtofens". It just seems that there is a ton of information in this quotes and was wondering if anybody could explain some of them?