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  1. Chivalry is dead in zombies

    When I first started to seriously play zombies in Black Ops 1 playing with randoms was one of the most fun things to do on the game I found. People would often have mics and would talk and interact, making the entire game far more fun. More than that, if you made a mistake and went down then they would happily revive you, or at least try to if it was possible meaning that the entire game felt far more like a team game than it is now. What I find now is whenever you go down in Shadows of Evil people are too far away to bother reviving you or else are too busy dealing with Margwas or rituals to be of any help. Even in The Giant I find that people would much prefer to camp on the catwalk than attempt to revive anyone even if you're lying at the bottom of the stairs. What has changed? I always make an effort to revive my teammates as at the end of the day it is a team game and it's not fun for them if they have to respawn on round 24 with no weapons, so why does nobody else I come across try to? Playing with randoms just isn't fun anymore, they don't bother talking to you and don't seem to care about reviving anyone at any point, no matter how easy it may be. When did zombies become such a selfish game?
  2. Hello, I'm Hulkenburger

    Hi, I had an account on this a while back but couldn't remember the password or the email address I used, so I made a new one. I love zombies, although the story started to confuse me after black ops 2, so I'll have to read up on that again, and I haven't been able to play it for the past 2 years because by 360 broke.... Still, I have Black Ops 3 now so I'm looking forward to seeing how this game unfolds.