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  1. ?s on Loading Screen Map

    Has any one else noticed the question marks on the map in the loading screen? Have been looking and looking for something that is alike in those areas but havent found anything. And why would they put them there for no reason. They were there for WaW but now there is two more i beleive. Any ideas?
  2. 6 teddie bears not 3?

    I noticed that when shooting the panel with a pack-o-punch gun there are six floating green things that spin, i assume those are the two bears and the monkey we know about. So where are the othere three located at? Will that maybe unlock a second secret perk? Any thoughts? Or find!?
  3. What are the ?s on the map mean?

    So during the loading scree there are 4 ? On the map and i can not figure out why they are there, any theorys? Notice anything alike at those spots??