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  1. Cant seem to find any proof or pictures of higher prestiges than 3rd
  2. Cant be this random...

    110% a problem. You think the game would have something implemented where IF the player does miss it the flys will continue to drop the xenomatter until the player obtains it. Tho i know i didnt miss it. still these flys should continue to drop until obtained.
  3. Cant be this random...

    ya i have this feeling it just isnt going to drop. waste of an hour to setup. Have ran around trying to see if i missed it. Didnt miss it. broken
  4. Cant be this random...

    Only thing ive done different was eat gumball for the random 5th perk. Nada else has changed
  5. Cant be this random...

    Round 35 No xenomatter yet...... have had it drop anywhere from round 10 to well..... yeah. i either missed it which i doubt, and it vanished for good. or this is just 2 random. godbless
  6. Some info about Purple Pods

    yes they will go purple if you do not harvest the reds. thought it was random at first tho it isnt. they need rounds to grow into purple, so the less you harvest the sooner you will get ur piece for the alien wonder weapon which drops from purples only
  7. Okay so im sure most of you know this tho for the players who dont. Any1 out there who is Not seeing purple pods, it is because you are harvesting them before they turn purple! I have just learned this the hard way by running around harvesting everything, @ round 35 right now and seeing all greens. You need to just ignore the pods do Not harvest them. they will eventually grow into purples.