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  1. Hey I'm Sotyle

    Hey everyone! I'm Sotyle (pronounced so-tile, not sawt-eel). I'm not new to the forums as I was on here about 2 years ago. I am a zombies fanatic who loves the story and making theories and predictions. I've always wanted to come back and I figure what better time than the say before Blackops 3! Anyways, a bit about myself: IGN: Sotyle System: Xbox one or PC Basic fact: In school studying Game Development interesting fact: I used to have a zombies theme'd youtube channel called GoStylz back in 2012/2013 and made videos with the sadly vanished EverythingPiff. Other information: I love theorizing and have tons of theories and predictions saved on my computer of potential outcomes for the zombies storylines, and how they fit together. I am actually currently working on one that makes it possible that SOE and the zombies storying involving the other 8 characters are impacting each other. I'm really looking forward to discussing theories with you guys! :) -Sotyle