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  1. Is SOE going to built like Tranz-It

    I get that, but the aspect of closing it off to a smaller portion as this is rumored to be the biggest zom map yet. I liked what they did with breaking up Tranz-It and the same with the Grief maps, just breaking off pieces to give a few different modes/mini-maps. The ability to turn on Dogs was another nice feature they added to those "sectioned off maps".
  2. First Post / First Thread: I have a strong feeling that SOE is going be built like Trans-It, in the form of sub-maps and different options for those sub-maps. I am kind of hoping the do that way there is even more options and gives the player a better chance to learn each part of map quicker. Anyone else seeing that as a possibility? (Also would most likely bring back Grief if they have sub-maps, LOVED Grief!!)