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  1. We're going back...

    I don't think we're returning to Shangri-La, but an island is the place that has the most similarities to a jungle.
  2. We're going back...

    So i was thinking the other day, Der Eisendrache is directly related to Moon, and according to Glitching Queen we're going to an island in DLC 2, so it has to be related to Shangri-La in some way, so the theory is: we're going back. In DLC 3 we'll be going somewhere related to CotD and the fourth one will take place in Soviet territory, so Takeo is the one who's going to be killed in DLC 2, for the first time the "different" map is not going to be DLC2, instead the third one, which i have completely no idea what it's going to be about, and in the final DLC we're supposed to go to Stalingrad, guess what? Ascension also takes place in Russia!