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  1. Comparing "him" to Afterlife Mode

    im currently going through this @Hells Warrrior
  2. Comparing "him" to Afterlife Mode

    Thanks for the further information, I believe you all with there being no connection. I am curious about this storyline though, any links or video I should watch without a doubt? I've seen this double helix theory where two alternate time frames connect at some points. I've read about the origins end cutscene is just how samantha and Eddies (Edward Richtofen??) Brain handles the MPD power, possibly just pretending it was a game.... or was their little zombie game before zombies even started? We hear samantha say "I know what you mean, We will make everything okay, don't worry my dad has a plan" after Eddie says something like "I wish our characters were real sam" Also what is the term "canon/cannon" referring to? @Kill_All_Monkeys @MysteryMachineX @MixMasterNut @GRILL @Nightmare Voyager
  3. Comparing "him" to Afterlife Mode

    What is cannon/canon? Been seeing it everywhere @GRILL
  4. Comparing "him" to Afterlife Mode

    @GRILL you are the man, Thanks for the help, it's leading me in the right direction and for all the names you've posted I shall review most, if not all of them. If you have a free friends slot on XBL, Add me Dindo Nothin. If I have any more questions, it will be you who I will go to. Have a great day!
  5. Comparing "him" to Afterlife Mode

    @GRILL I'm sure glad I found this site, I myself haven't been on the zombies scene since buried was released, I'd like to find a better storyline of the whole thing, any links or information on where I can find such thing? I get most of the story but of course as everyone else does, I have more questions... I tend to stray away from too many theories because It will alter my main focus of what really is.
  6. Comparing "him" to Afterlife Mode

    Thanks @Grill, I have done alot of research about the full story the past 2 days ( BO3 has got me excited for more Info) . I was looking in the wiki and it refers to the electric being from Green run to be "Avogadro" I clicked on "Mechanical Bus" then scrolled down some.
  7. I was recently watching a video on YouTube and I must say the Avogadro from Tranzit ( the Electric Man), and the "Electric Zombie" you are able to become in Mob of the Dead look alot alike... Are these 2 related in any way? -Dindo Nothin