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    World at War Der Riese Strategy

    Since its my first real post I'll keep it quick and simple. Any questions please ask. Round 1-4: Stay in the mainframe room using only your knife and pistol. Keeping windows closed as much as possible. 5-7: Buy your way into the Thompson room. Buy Thompson. Camp in there for these rounds. DO NOT OPEN THE STAIRS TO DOUBLE TAP! Intermission: Leave a crawler at the end of round 7. Open the doors the Fly Trap and then to the Trench Gun. Open the stairs to Juggernog. Jump down turn power on. Run around to Jugg and buy it. From there if you havethe points try your luck with the Mystery Box. You want either PPSh or Monkeys. Please note that you'll eventually want both of these. 8-11: You have the Thompson and Jugg. You're unstoppable for the most part. Open the doors to the Catwalk/STG. Camp the catwalk a little bit passed the opening in the railing. Aim for the head and save your points. During the break between round 8 and 9 grab the STG (swap your Thompson if you have the PPSh) Between 9 and 10 grab Speed Cola. Intermission: Again leave a crawler. Link those teleporters! This involves having 2500 points to open the MP40 room (1200) and the Type 100 room (750). Note: If you have enough then PAP your PPSh. 11-End Game: Camp the Catwalk. This time in the Large Open Window close to the stairs. This way when (not if) the zombies over run you, you can jump ON TO THE RUBBLE (no fall damage) and haul all sorts of ass to the Double Barrel room. Turn around and aim for the head. When they get too close run to the stairs and open them to Double Tap (I put this is now because this is the first time you should be there, feel free to open it before hand) run to the left side of the Draw Bridge and sit there and aim for the head. When the zombie load becomes too much jump down and head to the Catwalk. By this time the round will be over or close to over. Note: Keep the STG PAPd. The ammo is on the way and easily accessed. Thank you for reading. I hope this helps happy Killing :) -Corey
  2. Corey Rages

    Hey Guys Corey Rages Here!!

    Whats up everyone? My names Corey I've been playing Zombies heavily since World at War. I like to consider myself an above average player. I usually play solo but I'm always willing to work in a team.

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