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  1. Alright so here's something I picked up on in The Giant trailer that I, so far, haven't seen anybody point out. Immediately after Origins Richtofen exits the teleporter and shoots nazi Richtofen in the face, Dempsey exclaims "Dammit Richtofen, I thought we were done with this!". This quote leads me to believe that, within our origins universe, there is an endless cycle happening similar to that of its parallel universes. Further evidence to back this up includes the fact that Nikolai, Tank and Takeo all know nazi Richtofen's scheme at Der Riese, while nazi Richtofen has no idea who our O3 characters are. This could suggest that our O4 (Origins Richtofen included) have lived through this scenario multiple times; they have seen nazi Richtofen and what he does, and so they've come back to change it. Now we tie Tank's previous quote into this: If our O4 have lived through this scenario multiple times, they will have conversed afterward and devised a plan prior to returning to Der Riese (which are ultimately nullified due to element 115's properties of memory loss). For reasoning I'm not sure of (maybe the community can help here), the O4 need to keep nazi Richtofen alive to prevent the cataclysm directly caused by him at the end of Buried. However, in keeping nazi Richtofen alive, it is possible that Origins Richtofen is destined to become that, if we follow the quantum theory that time is like a river. Every time our O4 enter Der Riese, Origins Richtofen refuses to become what he is destined to be, and so kills his future self. This sets off a chain of events which causes an endless cycle, similar to that exhibited in MotD, and ends in Mined Games easter egg in Buried. Since Tank seems to be impervious to the effects of Divinium diminishing memory capabilities, he retains the experiences of living through Der Riese, while the others don't. I dunno, it seems a little messy and I don't know if this is already basically canon, but maybe it could do with some refining. I guess lemme know what you think, it seems pretty legit to me.

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