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  1. Greetings Zombie Hunters!

    I am new to these forums and found them due to an old post about zombie challenges. It looked like a good opportunity to talk with some fellow zombie lovers and maybe get a fun team together in the future. I play on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and WaW on a laptop. I have played every zombie map on every game and have enjoyed all of them, sadly I don't have Black Ops 1 any more even though it had a few of my favorite maps. A funny, and rather annoying story I can share to kinda break the ice goes back to when I first lost Black Ops. I ended up borrowing WaW for the 360 to nurse my blood craving. From Natch to Der Riese I would play them on repeat loving the old maps even with the Waffle flaws... until I started getting the modded lobby's. Now while it was all good fun having a tower made of mystery boxes and triple tap that makes you fly, I even had gotten infected for a bit and had my own controllable mods, you start getting a little curious how after you join a lobby with out any hints of modders and find your game suddenly crashes. Reloaded it to find my self with a level of -1002012041 (something like that not completely sure). At first I thought this was funny! If it was on Black Ops, and Black Ops II I might have even enjoyed it. Until I clicked to go play another game.... There was a little pop up... 'You must be level 0 to play this' This minimum level was even on the campaign. Yeah, so I am forever doomed to not play WaW on the 360 ever again. I hope you enjoyed my little story and hope to see you on the train yards.
  2. The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    This is my first challenge that I have thought of and have used it a lot. Helps keep me in tune with the long games whether it be solo or with others. Challenge Name: Hey, Check Out My Kills! Number of players: Any Required map(s): Any Objective: Play with your score board up the entire time. Must use one weapon at a time until it is empty. You may reuse weapons after you have used at least two more. Time Limit: None Round Limit: None Randoms Only: No Disallowed Perks: Your choice Disallowed Power Ups: Max Ammo Disallowed Weapon(s): Knife (Don't want to grab the max ammo's by mistake). Others are your choice (I tend to do wall weapons only). Enjoy!