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  1. I've been playing moon for the past nearly 24 hours trying to do the Easter egg (I've been screwed over a couple times people falling asleep disconnects dying for stupid reasons RNGesus not giving me the things I need ect) and still have not completed the Easter egg but I have discovered a new Easter egg (I believe) if you go up to the computer terminal next to dead shot and press X (on Xbox) music will start playing (similar to the radio in the first zombies map to make the Easter egg easier I have discovered that while waiting for the excavator to breach tunnel 6 you can actually complete steps further in the Easter egg you can go to Area 51 and use the grenades and Gersh to get the plates then return to earth and QED the plates and upgrade the golden rod/focusing stone while waiting for the excavator this will help speed up the time it takes to complete the Easter egg a lot thanks for reading and if you would like to do the Easter egg tomorrow on Xbox add Missydmat on Xbox and we can give it a go (my girlfriend is leaving for college tomorrow and I'd really like something to keep my mind off it thanks)