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  1. Black ops 3 Zombies stream baby!!!!

    When Black ops 3 comes out I will be live streaming on twitch.tv So, head over and follow my channel Bndgamngtv.
  2. Dragon'sLairGaming-Powered by Elgato gaming

    Hello my name is Blaise. I'm 21 year old from the US and I love to play games. I stream, make videos and respond to messages My PSN ID is Pcdcpa. I have been gaming since the late 90s and it was usually with a super nintendo that my bros and I got from our cousins. Now I have a Ps4 and Ps3 and I usually play zombies. BO1, 2, and soon 3. My Twitch channel is Bndgamngtv.
  3. Bndgamngtv

    Hi My Name is Blaise and I'm 21 year old who does stuff on the internet. I also stream on twitch and upload videos on Youtube. Follow to see when I'm streaming. My PSN ID is pcdcpa. If I stream, send a message to see if you can join.