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  1. How's it going...

    How's it going people, stumbled across this site a few days ago and have been really impressed with the professional layout, the maturity, and the passion for Zombies this community has. I've been playing since WaW and have always enjoyed endless hours of Zombies - mostly on PS3. I mostly enjoy/ specialise in 'High Rounds' and am not too familiar with the Story-Line/ Easter Eggs within Zombies. My favourite map is 'Der Riese' and I'm soooo happy it's coming back for Black Ops 3. I took some time away from playing in the last few months but I'm back now in full swing ready to kill some undead... leading to the launch of Bo3. I hope to get more involved with this community as time goes on and potentially meet some new people to team with along the way. Anyways, enough about me... Thanks for taking the time to read. PS3-PS4 ID: iSometimesWin