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    My story idea.

    In the cutscene of Origins Eddie wishes their characters to be real and Sam says her dad has a plan. Now in the Giant trailer Richtofen from an entire different universe has appeared at the portal, which could mean that Maxis was trying to bring those 4 heroes into the real world, having already brought in the first 3 and Richtofen seemed to be the last one. Old Richtofen seemed to know who was coming out of the portal because he knows what Maxis was doing. Maxis and Sam have been sent to the other universe with the storyline we've been playing on previous maps with Sam in control etc. That's why Richtofen in Origins didn't know who Sam was because she's from an entire different universe. This is what I came up with, the complexity is just exreme.  Also like to point out that in the 'Alternate' world Maxis and Samantha were trapped with Fluffy the Hellhound by Richtofen. In the trailer of the Giant however, there was no sound of any dog which means they just got teleported. This proves that there are 2 worlds, Hellhounds might have not even existed the real world. Also, before Richtofen sent away Maxis and Sam he volunteered on a project to teleport himself but ended up not being teleported to the original location but instead to a pyramid on the Moon and after to Shangri-La. These events have caused him to go insane and began the project be started in the Alternate universe. Now since he's dead, it's most likely not going to happen anymore. So what I suspect is the 4 new heroes are either going to stop the old ones from progressing or they are going to stop the entire zombie plague. The device inside thr pyramid of moon is what controls zombies, if it controls zombies its possible to eliminate the zombies. 

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