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  1. So if the zombies storyline wasn't confusing enough then this is going to make it even more confusing. Please remember this is all speculation but it could be true. So throughout World at War zombies at the start of the match we were always told where we were in the bottom left corner, and it said Germany for Natch Der Untoten, Verrukt and Der Reise - maybe Treyarch is lying and here's why: First instead of you having to read all of my writing and explanation watch this video first then come back so you understand what I'm talking about: http://youtu.be/2IR77-btTY4 Now you've seen how Shadows of Evil and The Giant are linked, pretty much The Giant could actually be set in America and NOT Germany because of the city name, or Shadows of Evil could be set in Germany however this seems like the most unlikely solution because it's very much American themed and also because of this: In Tranzit, people found a very secret cameo of a classic map inside the map which was Natch Der Untoten. Everyone thought it was just a cameo of the map and nothing else, however maybe it's not... Seeing that Der Reise/The Giant is potentially set in America then it makes sense; we were never in Germany. If Natch Der Untoten was in Germany then how is the exact same map in Tranzit? If Der Reise was in Germany then why in the Black Ops 1 terminal does it say it's in the same city as Shadows of Evil? This is going to change the storyline so much now because maybe, just maybe - the Nazis were working alongside the Americans in the storyline. This could be one of the unfound Easter eggs Treyarch have been talking about, let me know your opinions down below!

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