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  1. Hey Guys, Im Braceful

    Hopefully there is a CotD remake for WaW so I don't need to buy DLC for Black Ops 1.
  2. Hey Guys, Im Braceful

    Hey everyone! Found this beauty of a site on twitter, thought I'd check it out and now Im making an introductions post, so I suppose you could say I like it. As for me, I am in love with the zombies story and overall gameplay. I was introduced to Zombies at my friends house on Blops 1, and now own every map except Call of the Dead and Shangri-La. I dont generally go for high rounds, as the major problem I have is running out of ammo or entertainment. I play online Blops 2 Zombies a lot, but there is never a good person on so I hope some of you guys live in Australia and maybe even are willing to play Blops 2 on Xbox or maybe even AW Zombies. Uhh, more on my play style? OK then, since you asked so nicely. I usually go with LMGs and a backup of whatever (LOVE the RPG and M27 LAW) yes I know how to train, crawlers dont seem to like being created when its my grenade being thrown, and I dont NOT spam the box. I will, however take stupid ass risks like getting Jug halfway through a round. I'd love to post gameplay of Custom WaW so you guys can get a better understanding of me if you want, just dont expect amazing shtuff. ~Braceful