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  1. New Kino Findings 2015

    It means that we should get busy searching
  2. New Kino Findings 2015

    Are you talking about Kino, or Ascension in the OP? Also - the second picture - isn't that just saying you need to activate the mainframe from the spawn teleporter? Kino, the room that looks like Five. And no it either says Hold X to connect or please wait to cooldown. Looks like you never played with Saudis/Kuwaitis, they never share anything.
  3. New Kino Findings 2015

    Well I didn't really look closely to what he was hitting because obviously he seemed to be a noob to me But he did fire a lot in the Stage room.
  4. New Kino Findings 2015

    I made an account just to post this here I never posted before I don't know about recreating it but I will try!! The only reason I replayed this map is because the devs said that there are hidden easter eggs.
  5. New Kino Findings 2015

    Yeah. I got this playing online before the 2nd person left (he was Richtofen). He played weirdly and hit random stuff and was shooting with his Thunder gun everywhere. I was going to buy the Juggernog and got this: I did not understand this at all it made no sense. Then when trying to go to the teleporter the next round I saw this: (The first image is at the start of round 19, the second one is the end of round 20 with a few crawlers left) What do you guys think about these two? This is the first time I've seen this. The song was turned on and I pressed X (Square) on all the portraits. I don't know if the rocket was launched or not.