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  1. BO3 Zombies Theory

    Hello gentlemen, I was just an interesting theory happen , as we all know, the history of zombies (at least so far) is simply child's play , and in the final kinematics EE Origins two phrases they called me the attention: 1: "Tomorrow you send eddy , I promise " 2: "I wish our heroes were real " the second sentence implies that the zombies are real, and that the children's play is based on real life, my theory is that in BO3 be two types of maps in the DLC's the first type of map will remasters old maps as we saw with "The Giant" and these will be the story that creates Eddy and the second will be completely new maps but these would be " space and time " in the real world , would not be part of the game Any opinions ?P.D sorry for my spellin mistakes, i really not speak to mouch englis, but i want to share my theory C: