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  1. The Giant Clock

    Oh ok cheers.
  2. The Giant Clock

    Just curious as to other peoples' thoughts on the clock. A lot of people have said that the clock stops at 1:15. When I look at the clock it looks like 2:15 AM on a 24 hour clock. The hour hand is after the two. The minute hand is on six, which is a qurter of the way around, hence 15 minutes. Am I reading this wrong? Sorry if this has been mentioned but couldn't find any references.
  3. Hey all I posted this on the COD forums but has to be moderated before others can see it :-( BOPs and BOPs II are 25% off all DLCs and season pass. Hope this is posted in the right section and hope it helps some people :-) http://mjr.mn/1M7nTiH