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    Ascend from darkness

    First of all I just want to say two things... It's midnight, I'm tired and may not be thinking straight. Also, my name has my old twitter in it. I changed it to @OCDHeadache. So I was researching my favourite person in the Call of Duty universe. Viktor Reznov. I saw this image: And I started thinking about: This is originally from Nacht Der Untoten, this map was firstly in World At War. In WAW there is an MP map that is partly Nacht. This, to me, shows that MP and ZM are connected. So why wouldn't campaign also be connected? A few month ago I wrote about the blank picture in Kino Der Toten and how that person could be the shadow man. I was extremely wrong. Nikolai was friends with Reznov, Could it be possible the blanked out person is Reznov? I found this video whilst researching Reznov (please note, I have not played the WAW campaign): Viktor Reznov dies in Call of Duty Black Ops, but if you know a lot about CoD zombies you will know that Kino Der Toten was meant to be in WAW. This would mean (if you ignore all of the time travelling that wasn't really in the story back then) Viktor Reznov would have still been alive. I know that the Black Ops campaign is directly connected to ZM (as is WAW, now that I think of it) In both WAW and BO1 you had to complete the campaign to unlock a ZM map. In both campaigns you could get a wonder weapon. One of the main things in BO1 was nova. The organisation and the gas. What do we have in the first ZM map? Nova Crawlers. You can also see Nova Crawlers on the screens when you click on Zombies on BO1. Nova Crawlers are also in Black Ops 2's Die Rise. Just after the Shadows of Evil trailer was released David Vonderhaar tweeted a Reddit link to a post that suggested the Margwa and parasites were Nova. There is lots of evidence to back this up. Just look on YouTube. This shows that everything is linked (if you needed any proof). So here's Nikolai. He was killed it WAW but was still put into Zombies. I have another theory about that but for another day. If he did but was still in Zombies, why not Reznov? Am I saying Reznov could have controlled the Zombies at some point? Or even in Der Eisendrache (There is some proof that Sam is not controlling them)? I'm not at the moment. This theory still needs a lot of research. I will definitely come back to this theory in the next few weeks I have lots of ideas but I'm really tired. Expect this as well: I heard a strange quote by the box in a certain room on Kino on PC Some Die Rise easter eggs that still haven't been solved and much, much more. Follow me on twitter @OCDHeadache
  2. @JoeSprigzy onTwitter


    Since this tweet went live I have been looking through Youtubers' old videos from Black Ops 2 Zombies and will be looking at Black Ops Zombies later. This is the playlist I have been looking through. This is going to be quite a long read, if I can think of everything, but it is definitely going to be a good one. If you don't want to read all the way through it you can follow me on twitter because I am live tweeting everything as I think of it. So before I get into Black Ops 2 lets think about Black Ops and Black Ops 3. For almost 5 years we have thought that this portrait was of Maxis as we have never seen him before (or someone else). Now before I continue I would like to state I have taken some ideas from other people on this site and around Youtube. Maybe this portrait was of the shadow man as the new Black Ops 3 storyline is set in the 1930s before Kino Der Toten and Five. I have tweeted some people and got no response so I am going to highlight a few of my ideas. You can see I tweeted a picture from the box in town. I once saw a purple swirl underneath it as if it was from the teleporters in ascention. Now this could have just been a glitch as I can't remember what character I was playing as and I don't know if anyone I was playing with saw it. I was thinking about this on Wednesday (before Treyarch said there are still easter eggs to be solved) whilst talking to my friend who is also very interested in the easter eggs. We then began to speak about the infamous TranZit second bus route and how it is very possible because not all of the navcards worked properly and there is still proof that there could be more bus stops. I can't remember who tweeted it but someone on the Zombies team at Treyarch told everyone to tell him what steps they took to complete the tower of babel easter egg. Some audio clips in the game files would suggest everyone has missed a few step. But then there was another tweet. A tweet that made everyone think about how there can be more than just one easter egg. People didn't know what to think about this tweet as he spoke about the points/money you got in Zombies and you had to wait an APPROPRIATE amount of time. Also 'then continue to work' shows us that this could be the start of a new Zombies easter egg in TranZit. I started to write about the definition of transit but then I remembered a theory I once read in a Youtube comment. There is a navcard sot on the Bus Driver (apparently). It is not at the bottom of the bus driver because if you look properly it is just a vent but some audio clips would suggest that there is a navcard you need to put inside him. What if we could change the time in the game for the bus routes like you can in ascention for the easter egg? Now getting iff the subject of tranZit (I'll talk about it later on twitter) I'd like to show you the poster for the new Zombies mode in Black Ops 3. If you notice, the picture showsall of the new Zombies characters, There are the three at the bottom and then the magician. Could this suggest that the magician has a power over the three other Zombie killers? I think this because he is above them and it looks as if they are being looked down upon by him. This would sort of be a good prediction as he is known as the magician And in the 1900s people believed that the devil was disguised as a human with a black mustache wearing a top hat. And then we have the shadow man who knows all their secrets and is sort of helping them but I don't have to go into detail with that. Now for Black Ops. I'm not going to go too deep but in Black Ops we have the original four maps and the Black Ops maps. I think if we listen to all the radio stations and pay attention to all of the writing on the wall we could figure everything out. I can't really think of anything else because it feels as if my head has exploded where I want to figure this out but I will leave you with this extract form playstation magazine a few years ago on Black Ops 2 Zombies (I think it is TranZit) Okay I looked for it but can't find it. Someone from Treyarch said something about listening to th character's conversations and you'll be on your way. He also said something like death iss't always the end, its most commonly the end but not the only option. I can't remember what he said exactly but thats mostly it. Follow me on Twitter @JoeSprigzy as I have started to tweet about Zombies ideas all the time.

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