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    Hello one and all, and welcome to my first post on this site. Now, I am new to both this site AND map creation, so please forgive me if this post is in the incorrect place and/or what I am talking about sounds "novice" or unintelligent. About 3 weeks ago, strolling throughout the internet, I came across a video titled (Paraphrased) "Custom Zombies Map: Cryogenic". I was surprised and thought it was a hoax. Upon watching the video, I found out that it is legit, and there is a whole community based on making maps outside the world of canon zombies. And it got me thinking: Is it possible for me to create my own? Well the answer I found, was yes. Or at least, basically yes. I have found tutorials and forums that assist someone in creating a zombies map, and I have begun my journey into creating my own map. But there are a few things that I am in need of assistance with. In the map "Cryogenic", there were weapons in the Mystery Box that were well outside Call of Duty: Zombies. And by that, I mean there were weapons from the Halo series in the box. So my question, if I cannot roam around and find the answer myself, is how does someone put weapons out of the norm in the mystery box? Another is that I wish to put in "new mechanics" in the game, but that entails me to do 3D modelling and the like to make them a reality. I do not wish to say what I have in mind, but if there is anyone out there that can help me with 3D modelling, animation, and other things of that nature, please get a hold of me. If you want to help me, I will gladly explain all that I wish to do and then see what we can do from there. Off the top of my head, these are my biggest questions that I have. Im sure as things progress, I will have more. If anyone can help me in any way shape or form, or can point me in the right direction, PLEASE, get a hold of me on here or email me at: Business.And.Extras@gmail.com. Anyone who is willing to help me out will be given full credit for their assistance in the map and on a credit screen. Run fast, shoot straight, stay safe, and I hope I will fight along side you in our fight for survival. TheMapper