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  1. Der Eisendrache ending theory

    Okay so in the ending cutscene we see Dempsey kill his self from the original universe and then origins Richtofen collects his soul. It is also revealed that Richtofen did this to his dead body at the Giant. We are told that the summoning key is able to collect souls at the moment of death and hold them for eternity, but what if their stasis there is not permanent. In the origins Easter egg cutscene we see two children (Sam and Eddy) playing with toys of zombies and the original four characters. So what if when a soul is absorbed into the summoning key it gets sent to agartha where it occupies the toys of these children. Maybe instead of the origins characters being let into agartha, the entire cutscene was meant to mislead us. Now we also know that primis (as the new versions of the original characters are denoted) will inevitably fail. How will they fail exactly? Well, their entire mission is to keep the original storyline from happening so maybe, somehow, something will happen to where the original characters are set free from agartha. I personally believe this is the plan which Sam refers to at the end of the origins cutscene. I also personally think this is what will happen in the next few DLC maps. In the second either Nikolai or Takeo will be killed and have their souls absorbed, in the third the other one will have the same thing happen to them, and in the fourth it all goes awry and everything is set in motion again thus beginning the original storyline once again and keeping with the seemingly cyclical theme of the Zombies storyline. What do you guys think?
  2. Maxis is in control of the zombies instead of samantha

    And also when considering the dice summit with the images where richtofen is marked out then it would make sense to say maxis is in control because with maxis in control then Richtofen is essentially out of the picture as far as the original four go in the fight against maxis
  3. Ok so if you look at the zombies teaser at the end of the BO3 trailer you see that their eyes are yellow and everyone keeps saying that samantha is in control of the zombies but that could not be the case. In the buried easter egg if you choose the Maxis side then the zombie eyes become yellow except for a few blue ones which are actually Richtofen so could it be possible that in the new game that maxis is in control and the easter eggs may have something to do with the original characters attempting to get richtofen back somehow and stick it to Maxis or rather to continue helping maxis assuming that only the new characters know about his plan to destroy everything in order to reunite himself with his daughter