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  1. Town Of The Dead

    Town Of The Dead Remapped This is a map I have been working on for about a year, I took a break from this map for a while because I wanted to take a break from Call Of Duty: World at War. But I started to work on this map again if you have any tips or comments from the picture you see below just tell me about it i'll take any feedback Beta testers Jzob123 Redspace200 Nikolai benlinski Gears228 Chromastone10 Credits (Of the map so far) Scripting help or scripts - YaPh1l, Redspace200, Offthewall, ProxFTW, Claytom Maping help - redspace200, MrBlue192 Other help - Jzob123, Tom_bmx/WinCat, Pork, Nikolai Belinski, tito, Gears228, All of CFGFactory members, Rollonmath42, johndoe
  2. Zombie Complex [WIP]

    Looks win jzob