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  1. Just started mapping, need assistance.

    Thanks for the replies guys, helped a lot. One more thing though, I don't really want to buy BO/BO2 for the gun porting, I only bought Cod5 so I can make my own maps and experiment with it. Is there any links to the guns?
  2. Right, a couple of days ago I started creating my first map, I've finished the majority of the map but I want to add a few thing. In my map I want the following, I just want to know how to do them. I know most are possible as they're in other maps. - Normal pack-a-punch weapons (For the guns actually in the game) Every gun I pack a punch turns red. I'm not sure why, but I wish they went into the normal gun. - I want Black Ops (1/2) weapons in my map, from both the wall and the random box. I've seen this in most custom maps I've played, and I want it in mine. - Black Ops 2 perks. I have a few already included in a package I downloaded, but I want more. Also, they don't show their little logo in the bottom left, a generic grey square is shown (Not sure why? Maybe there isn't a little logo included, i'm not sure.) - More drops, I want to have drops such as the random perk drop, infinite ammo for 30 seconds etc. I've seen so many drops in other maps that I'd love to put in mine, but I'm just not sure how. - Random upgraded weapon box, I've seen this in a map I recently played. It costs 5000 for one, and I think it's a cool feature to include. - Lighting. I'm struggling with this, my map always looks really dark. I've got my map created, It's only an early version as I'm new to all this, but I really enjoy it and I want to make my map enjoyable to play. If someones willing to help, please add me on Skype. My Skype name is Joecompt Thank you for reading