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  1. My Theory of The Giant, SoE, and Black Ops 3 Zombies

    Agreed maybe a more appropriate title could be the "Purgatory" Universe since MoTD and SOE are "theoretically" in Purgatory. Maybe the shadow man is the same as the controller from Mob, and in his universe(or really any of the controllers i'd like to believe could do this) he can change the colors at will when he pleases.
  2. Hey guys! So today with the world reveal of Black Ops III: Zombies we've seen some really really exciting stuff!! With the trailer for Shadows of Evil, new information from Comic-Con and the main thing i'm speaking of today the leaked "The Giant" Intro Cinematic and how I believe it'll be alluding to what could be happening all through Black Ops III Zombies. First i'm calling upon my fellow Comic Book geeks, how many of you know of Marvel's "Secret Wars" stories, in which multiple Universes(Marvel Universe, Ultimates Universe, etc) are colliding and are brought to a world called Battleworld(which is made up of a clump of each universe) and every character from every universe is brought here to fight to the death. Know of it? Interested in it? Good it's a big part of this theory. I'll begin short and sweet with a simple thesis statement then get more in-depth from here on. NOTE if you do not want spoiled on The Giant Cutscene DO NOT READ FURTHER. I believe the common theme or goal of Black Ops III Zombies is that Universes are colliding, and at the end their will be a single universe with characters from the different current universes giving Treyarch the ability to end the story, or a soft reboot to start over. I believe this because currently in Zombies History/Mythology we've been introduced to 4 Universes: Original(Where the original timeline is, from Natch Der Untoten to Buried) The Dead(Includes MoTD and SoE) Origins(Where 935 and the O4 meet earlier in WWI) Dream(Where everything has been a dream/game by Samantha and Eddy). For anyone who's seen the cut-scene we hear the ending of the Radio found in Original Der Riese where Richtofen has locked Maxis, Samantha, and Fluffy in the MTD and (shown from Moon Radios) where they ended up being teleported to Griffin Station how Sam gets in control, ect we all know this. Then the Origins version of Tank, Nikolia, and Takeo come out behind him guns drawn. Dialogue is spoken between the parties in which the Origins 3 are telling Richtofen he has to "set a chain of events in motion" which I believe is the original story-line we know, it's even backed up by Takeo who says "you must awaken the test subjects". Which we all know is our original Tank, Nikolia, and Takeo. Zombies are heard, shooting ensues and finally Richtofen links the teleporter, the Origins 3 telling Richtofen not to press the button as a great evil is behind the door. Like Richtofen would, he presses it and opens the doors. He see's no other then the Origins Richtofen walk out, and with no hesitation Origins Richtofen shoots Original Richtofen. Now this I will return to in a moment. I spoke about Battleworld where multiple universes are colliding, THIS is what could be happening in two instances that we've been shown so far in Black Ops III. We've seen the Origins Universe cross over with the Original Universe. In the SoE trailer we see that the Original Universe is spilling into The Dead Universe. Why the dead universe? In Mob of the Dead the zombies eyes were red, we've all theorized Lucifer, Satan, or even just the normal eye color of non controlled undead, but in SoE they're yellowish Orange. Which means it could be early on Original(Samantha), or Later Original(Maxis). I believe aspects of the Original Universe can spill into The Dead one(which character quotes and Treyarch have confirmed they're connected) in which talk about "maybe this is happening because we're bad people", "we're being punished" JUST LIKE MOTD! In The Giant in theory just the two Richtofens in the same room should have absolutely disrupted all of time and space and ripped it apart, but he killed the original Richtofen. Which means none of the plans have been set in motion, everything after that event that we've seen has been or will be erased from ever happening. Which creates A NEW UNIVERSE! Which I believe could be where we'll end at the end of Black Ops III's life cycle. I believe all through Black Ops III We'll see characters fighting to keep their universe alive, or themselves to stay a live and at the end characters from these different universes will be in this one singular universe where Treyarch can start over, new mythology, new story, new cannon. It's pretty out there, and it's been 3 bloody years since my Zombies mindset has ran it's course but I truly believe by the information we've been given that is what will become in this chapter of the story. Thank you guys for reading and if you have any opinions, theories, feel free to post below!