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  1. Alright, thanks for the big help, this'll make the cinematics more interesting for sure. Added them to the post :).
  2. There's still a way you can help, you just have to be cooperative, as I can still talk to you. So if you're interested just message me.
  3. Alright! Thanks a lot man I didn't realize I missed so many, this'll help a lot especially for the Green Run part of it :).
  4. Messaged you Rissole, and we're still looking for people if anyone reads this and is interested.
  5. Story and What this is: So I was listening to the Easter Egg song for Der Eisendrache "Dead Again", and in my personal opinion it sounds a lot like a mix between a lot of the previous songs in past maps. Now I had this idea, basically a montage of all the zombie maps. Key highlights of each map in a video, all leading to the end map of black ops 3. For example, if we were to use moon, we'd highlight the key features introduced to the map and the end easter egg with the "Coming Home" song in the background. Stuff like that, every map from Nacht Der to The end map of Blops 3. Problem is I would need cinematic shots and crews to do the easter eggs with, which means full cooperation and all of that stuff. Also, since I've decided to literally highlight everything I will do the grief and turned stuff also, that means 7 players + me in full cooperation for a cinematic like film. SOMETHING NEEDED! So the major problem with this is copyright, the songs, ranging from Eminem in Five and Avenged Sevenfold in Call of The Dead. I'm not familiar with how the use of these songs work, and I'm hearing multiple things about the 30 second song rule. If somebody knows anything about the use of every song listed below with permission, or at the least I can use all of them in a time period of 30 seconds. I'd love to know, thanks :). Without this the project may be a flunk and must be scrapped :(. Amount of Individuals still needed: 7 + someone who knows about our copyright situation BELOW IS A LIST OF ALL MAPS USED AND SONGS WITH THEM!!!! Nacht Der Untoten: World at War Russian Theme/WTF/Undone/Dead Ops Arcade Soundtrack Verrukt: Lullaby of a Dead Man Shi No Numa: The One Der Reise: Beauty of Annihilation Kino Der Toten: 115 Five: Won't Back Down- Eminem Dead Ops Arcade: Various DOA Songs Ascension: Abracadavre Call of the Dead: Not Ready to Die (Avenged Sevenfold) Shangri-La: Pareidolia Moon: Coming Home/Nightmare (Avenged Sevenfold)/Redamned/ 8-Bit Pareidolia/8-Bit Coming Home Nuketown Zombies: Sammantha's Lullaby, 8-Bit Coming Home, 8-Bit Pareidolia, 8-Bit Re-Damned. Green Run(Tranzit/Bus Depot Survival/Town Greif/Town Survival/Farm Grief/Farm Survival/Farm Grief/Diner Turned): Carrion/Lovesong for a Deadman/Carry on (Avenged Sevenfold)/Imma Try it Out (Skillrex Die Rise: We all fall Down Alcatraz Island(Mob of the Dead/Cell Block Grief): Where are We going/Rusty Cage (Johnny Cash)/Samantha's Lullaby Resolution 1295(Buried/Buried Grief/Buried Turn): Always Running/Samantha's Lullaby Origins: Archangel/Shepard of Fire (Avenged Sevenfold)/Aether Dead Ops Arcade 2: Cyber's Avenging: Various DOA2 Soundtrack's Shadows of Evil: Snakeskin Boots Instrumental (Jack Wall)/Cold Hard Cash (Featuring Antonia Bennett)/Snakeskin Boots (Non-Instrumental) The Giant: Beauty of Annihilation Remix Der Eisendrache: Dead Again/1980's Disco song that Plays/Altered Samantha's Lullaby (Samantha's Lovesong) Perks: Various Perk jingles throughout the games, some made by Jack Wall What's Expected And Rules: - Xbox 360/PS4/PC Zombie Maps -A mic, or a cooperative mind if you don't have a mic. -Skype Preferably -As long as I get a crew of 7 with all black ops 2 dlc, and atleast 3 with every game from black ops 1 to black ops 3 with all dlc, we should be good. -Any age as long as you are mature and willing to have fun with this. About this, I will use theater mode combined with Adobe Premiere CS6 to edit these clips of the maps, and I also have a Avermedia Live Gamer Portable recording device to extract gameplay footage. How to join: Literally just comment on this forum and I'll get in contact with you through messaging on the website, It's that easy, every person helps :) Thanks for reading and I hope you decide to help on my project! About me: I'm 15 but very invested in the knowledge of what I'm doing, and I have a youtube but I have less than a hundred subscribers but I haven't uploaded in so long, so this video can be uploaded to any individuals channel when it's done as long as all credit to the individuals is given. P.S.: NO PROFIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR HELPING, I WILL NOT MAKE A PROFIT EITHER, THIS IS FOR FUN AND TO SHOW THE COMMUNITY THE PROGRESSION FROM THE BEGINNING TO NOW, HIGHLIGHTING ALL KEY FEATURES FOR AN EPIC VIDEO. CREDIT WILL ALSO BE GIVEN TO ALL INDIVIDUALS WHO HELP, YOUR YOUTUBE, TWITTER, WHATEVER. P.P.S.: IF THIS IS THE WRONG SECTION FOR THIS APOLOGIES, PLEASE DON'T DELETE THIS JUST LET ME KNOW THANK YOU :).