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  1. While I was reading through the Shangri-la game scripts, i found something that really surprised me. in the "zombie_temple_sq_brock.gsc" (which is the script that handles the VO of Brock) i found a developer note calling the character "Brock Russman" Here's the image http://i.imgur.com/lmXNsBO.png For those who don't know the Shangri-la Easter egg is based around helping a British character called "Brock" escape from the temple, but instead got stuck in an infinite loop, we were never told his full name. And then in Black ops 2 we were introduced to 4 new characters, one of them called "Russman" who was a old black guy, who doesn't remember his past, but was teased in buried to have a dark secret that we were never told. So what do you guys think? did Brock lose his accent and somehow break the loop he was trapped in and ended up being Russman in Black ops 2? and also what do you think happened to Gary who was also trapped in the loop with Brock? Tell me what you think