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  1. Now I do understand that this is sort of a broad topic maybe but it is something that has been churning in my gut from the time of factory I personally like big maps (which means I am not a nuketown fanboy, no offense) and my favorite map from world at war is verruckt mostly because your team was separated. So I would like to see that feature again where your team is separated but unlike asylum, it would be in a much larger map. And no I wouldn’t care if you didn't have to turn on the power to get to each other. Coming in second was swamp because of two reasons. The first reason is because of the random perks. Yes I get it, nuketown has random perk feature, well unfortunately you have to wait until round 5 just to get your first perk, where unlike swamp, you can locate a perk machine as early as you wanted (provided you have enough money), even if it was the perk you didn't want. And with all these new perks in black ops 2, this would really spice things up a bit. One note however is please don’t make the players have to literally open up every door just to get every perk like in swamp. That is where my second reason comes into play: zip lines. Bring em back and make em better than ever. These would be terrific on die rise and it would help on other big maps too. I fell in love with the zip line on swamp the minute I used it can killed at least 10 zombies my first time using it. There should be more power ups. This reason is what inspired me to make an account just to share this idea and all the others. I had a great one in mind and it would be terrific for 8 players in a game of zombies. It would simply revive all downed players instantly. I encourage everyone to especially come up with some good new power ups. I have more but really they are just cheap knock offs from perks you can buy and have permanently. But hey, drops are free so it wouldn't be so bad and how about even stacking them with your perks, like stamin up drop stacked with perk version? Or hey maybe a drop that changes everyone's bullets do a some kind of special ammo like flamethrower or waffle or thunder or ice or ray gun or noobtoobs or something like that. And hey speaking about that how about a random ammo machine or something like that, something more than just random perks and random weapons.