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    Lol yes he talked me into it. And thanks. ...look forward to another game with you
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    My names Melanie, I'm from WV, senior in college about to graduate. My roommate got me into zombies about two-three yrs ago when Black Ops 2 came out. It caught on quick and now I play almost everyday. My friend, ydajdimstr, wanted me to mention him in my introductions. He is my zombie partner, and has really taught me the ropes of zombie gameplay. Check him out on twitch twitch.tv/ydajdimstr, I am usually playing with him when he streams. I play Black Ops 1, World at war, Black Ops 2, and now custom zombies. I am also really into grief, but it's hard to find some good people to play that with. Some of my fav maps, I really like Mob of the dead on BO2, but i think zombies maps are becoming a lot more complex and almost too much stuff is being added. I like the simple World at War maps in the beginning like Nacht, where its just basic survival and defense. But I do also enjoy some of the added features on Black Ops 1 and 2. If you ever wanna play, hmu. Edit: My gt changed-new name QueenEquine Steam: QueenEquine Twitter: @QueenEquinest Twitch: twitch.tv/QueenEquine