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  1. ​Well as I said, I'm more of a solo player anyway and if I do play with others, it won't be from a random lobby... Also I think the maps could still be worth buying even if they do remake them because I doubt the guns will be the same... think of the original WAW maps on Black Ops - there were some original guns but the box was almost entirely Black Ops guns.
  2. Thanks for your advice everyone and yes Lenne, I am a big solo fan and I don't usually play a lot with others so you're saying Shangri-La is a good solo map and COTD is good in general but Ascension is too easy?
  3. So I've bought the all of the Black Ops 2 DLC and have WAW on PC with all the DLC (obviously) and I have Moon and the original maps for Black Ops 1. Is it worth me going out and spendind $15 on any of the other three zombies maps (Shangri-La, Ascension and Call of the Dead)? All opinions are welcome and thanks for all your responses.

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