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  1. World at war 2

    I think they should make a world at war 2 game, for xbox one, and ps4, or both, basically the game would be based of the origins zombie map. ''make the origins zombie map real, not kids playing with toys'' also bring back DR RichTofen. but world at war 2 would be based in like 1950 and the world war isn't over, the nazis still are not defeated and they are growing stronger in technology, exampe: robots, updated guns, things like that. results, world war 2 style nazis,story lines, multiplayer maps, a re written history of world war 2 if the Nazis didn't loose and we had to keep fighting them? Also add much more sadistic torture from the Nazis, because that's realism, Also more blood and guts is a must! I think the idea is sick, what do you guys think?