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    When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

    Good point, Rissole; I have no doubt that Die Rise and Buried are set in the Future. I believe you can see a computer at the spawn point in Die Rise. Green Run, however, is also confusing. Even though we have a Robot Bus driver, WHO IS A ROBOT(gasp), him and his bus license plate say "Colorado, 1960." Not sure why there would be an automated bus from 1960. That confuses me. I digged the Zombie girls with those Poodle Skirts, though. :lol:
  2. OldiesMan

    When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

    Oh, my. I apologize if my post upset you. I honestly didn't mean it like that. I respect your Opinion. I was just stating historical facts about the matter. We can See the BREN Tower in the Distance in Nuketown. The BREN tower was taken down recently(I think just last year.) If it was in the future, don't you think that the BREN Tower wouldn't be there? 2025? I'm just saying. No offense meant. I apologize, again, if I seemed like I was disrespecting your thoughts. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BREN_Tower
  3. OldiesMan

    When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

    It wasn't a test. Maxis dropped three rockets on Earth from the moon. The mushroom cloud in nuke town is probably from one of the Maxis rockets that hit nuke town. Regard Alpha. How did you figure that out? In the original Nuketown, the Nuclear tower can be seen just outside the map.....and the Nuke goes off every time at the end of the Match in Black Ops. Nuketown was just that, a Nuclear Testing ground. One of the rockets from moon can be seen hitting Nuketown After you die, not before. *Shrugs*
  4. OldiesMan

    When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

    The other maps give us clear evidence as to when they take place. Subtle hints in game, n' stuff. But with Nuketown Zombies, you have to go by history. Also.....wasn't Nuketown Located near the Sedan Crater? That was in the Yucca Flat test site. They put up a special tower called the BREN tower in the Yucca Flat in the early Sixties. This was removed in 1963 and transferred. In the Destroyed Green House's backyard, we can see a Tower way off in the Distance. I believe this is the BREN tower. This may point to the map being before 1963. Also, the test ban treat itself. Why would there be a Nuketown in 2025 with all 1950s Styling out in the middle of the Desert?
  5. OldiesMan

    When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

    But those point to Die Rise being in or around 2025. Nuketown is clearly occurring at the same time as Moon. And in-game evidence points to this being in the 60s at some point. I won't try to argue when TranZit occurs or anything like that. The bus is surely a 50s/60s style bus, but the transition to Die Rise causes massive problems for us. And we really don't know how long the Earth has been nuked when Die Rise occurs. The smoke seems to be everywhere in TranZit, while it is below the buildings in Die Rise and then completely absent in Buried. It could have been a shift of decades between TranZit and Die Rise. This is one reason that I believe that the characters might have gone, not only through space, but through time when being brought to Die Rise by the purple beam of light(whoever that may be). And as stated before, the Call of Duty site stated that Nuketown Zombies occurred right after the multiplayer map ending. A mushroom cloud does not last but only a few hours and it is still present within the zombies map. I will say that I wish they'd give us a timeline on these things, but I highly doubt they will. They like to make us give them the dates. I swear sometimes they just put things in there that they think will be cool or whatnot, then let us make sense of it for them. Sometimes this does end up coming back to bite them with things that make absolutely zero sense, i.e. the Kino loading screen. You've got the bus correct; it's a General Motors 'New Look', first introduced in the Late 50s.
  6. OldiesMan

    When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

    Good point.....this is kind of confusing. But I just take a look at the Historical Evidence. It helps a little. There's def some time warps/paradoxes going on in this series.
  7. OldiesMan

    When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

    Well, Nuketown Couldn't take place in 2025. We don't test Nukes anymore. Like I said, the Original Nuketown takes place in the Early 1960s. I believe we have some sort of conflicting time periods going on here. I mean, look at Mob Of The Dead. It's in our Zombies storyline, and it's not 2025. Nuketown itself, the original Nuke-town, took place waaaaaay before 2025. We're talking about this map itself, not the entire series. I still don't get why they put 1950s Music in Green Run. That's still puzzling me.
  8. So. Nuketown Zombies. Great map. But.....I bet some of you are sitting there getting curious as to when this map actually takes place. Well, fear not, fellow zombie gamers! I have legit facts and evidence regarding when this map takes place. I know this has been covered before, but certain things have not been gone over. These are important facts! Let's first start off with the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963. This limited all Nuclear Testing to below the ground. As we can Clearly see, Nuketown Zombie's Nuke was positioned on a Tower. This is what we refer to as a "Above Ground" Or "Atmospheric" Explosion. These were, as I have said, banned in 1963. There were no more 'nuketowns' built in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and so on. Their heyday, however, was during the 1950s. Now, of course, I'm not just gonna say "Oh, well, Nuketown's set in the 1950s." No. But.....it sure as heck looks '50s. From the vehicles on this map to the houses, Nuketown screams 1950s Deco. And yes, I've seen the Crossroads Sign on Nuketown; The 'Operation Latchkey' one. These tests were carried out in 1968, and were all underground. There was no 'Nuketown.' No structures were built during these tests. I'm convinced that Nuketown takes place earlier than 1963. My best guess would be about 1961-62. The Styling of this map, as I have said, gives us a good Idea. Very late Fifties/Early Sixties. Heck, even the cars are from the 50s. The Bus, for example: http://www.classicbusdepot.com/images/u ... my-bus.jpg A 1950s General Motors. The Red Truck? Not an exact model, but they blend features from a Few 50s cabover trucks with the 1961 Ford "H" Series. The Truck on the outside of the map is a old M-35, which was entered into production in 1949. Also, you can read about the test ban treaty here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partial_Nu ... Ban_Treaty So, my verdict? 1962. Unless, of course, Treyarch ignored all the historical facts.....**Heavy Sigh**

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