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  1. 481B & 386A: The Missing Blood Vials from MotD

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl1w5A6P-Bw about 10:40 you can hear the quote (also a few before that show that he is aware of the cycle and knows how it will end, also that he isnt like the other 3 he isnt evil most of it is a face that he puts on.) So he could of been redeemed and become avigadro etc..
  2. 481B & 386A: The Missing Blood Vials from MotD

    what about Weezle from MotD with the quote "Nikoli, Nikoli, Nikoli, why do I keep hearing that name!" could this be because when the cycle was broken weezle who had broken the cycle left Pergitory to become the Avigadro in Tranzit and place items through the timelines to assist our groups to where they needed to be... (only putting this out there the afterlife mode is alot like the avigadro) This is a way that he could link his paradox back to this timeline to try and stop his own torment as the Avigadro. Just an idea, and also hi forum people, first post on here :)