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    My theory on Tank and Misty!!

    Thank you sir! :D
  2. sunshiney13

    My theory on Tank and Misty!!

    Okay, so I have created somewhat of a theory based only on quotes of two specific characters, Tank and Misty. Now, I know a lot of people are saying this is false, but I believe (or really want it to be true, at least) that Tank Dempsey is indeed Misty’s father. Bare with me. Obviously the two characters are very similar. This was originally pointed out by the actor who voices Woods in a trailer analysis. The trailer featured Misty, before we knew who she was, creating a buildable shield and then taking down a horde of zombies. In the video the actor says: “Cracking her knuckles, now which character does that remind you of.” Tank, obviously! Not only that, but Misty runs into the horde excitedly, taunting the zombies much like Tank used to do. Now here is some quotes of the two doing this to compare. MISTY • “Hands off the merchandise, pants rubbers!” • “Ugh, hands off grabby pants!” • “Hey, rotgobblers, I got a burst-fire surprise for you!” • “Huh, figured the pus-nuts would’ve swarmed the bus by now.” TANK • “Die again, maggot sack!” • “Hey, freak bag, you ain’t that good!” • “You meatheads too stupid to quit?” • “I’m gonna make a pile of maggot ash!” Okay, these are only a few examples, but there are literally and endless amount of quotes like this from these two. Now, along with the similarity that they find entertainment in killing the zombies, the two are both a little cocky and over confident. MISTY • “Oh, shit. It’s almost like Misty isn’t afraid of you. Oh, right, cuz I ain’t!” • (When someone else gets a headshot) “Ok, that’s one for you. 78 for me, but yeah, one for you.” • “What would you boys do without me?” (After being revived) • “…It’s your lucky day, you get to watch me use a knife!” • “No bullets? No back ups? No problem.” • “Let me show you boys how unarmed combat is supposed to go down!” TANK • “Just another day of kicking ass!” • “Bring it, freak bags!” • “Oorah! Don’t fuck with a marine!” • “Of course I skulled it? What else would I do!” • “Couldn’t live without me, huh?” (Very similar to Misty’s quote) • “I know you need me, no need to tell me about it.” Tank and Misty also have a specific person they dislike for the pure reason that they just find them strange and perverted. For Misty it is Stuhlinger, for Tank it is Richtofen. They both taunt these two at any opportunity. MISTY • “You want some lunch, Stuhlinger? Cuz I’m about to drop a lot of meat for you!” • “I should’ve brought a bag; I could’ve packed Stuhlinger a lunch.” • “Oh no, I’m out of bullets. If only a big smelly idiot would protect me!” • “Without ammo this weapon is as useless as Stuhlinger!” • “You’ll do little man, you’ll do. No, I’m not talking about you Stuhlinger!” TANK • “Richtofen, are you having a family reunion?” (When Richtofen is surrounded) • “Surrounded by his own creations!” • (Crawler explodes) “Richtofen, lay off the sauerkraut man!” • (Gets monkey bomb) “Hey, look! It’s Richtofen’s brother!” • “Richtofen! Stop humping the monkey toy!” Tank and Misty also both love the monkey bombs. MISTY • “Okay, Monkey, dance the little bastards to their graves!” • “Rest in peace monkey, your sacrifice will not be forgotten.” TANK • “Aww, isn’t that so fucking cute!” • “What a cute little bundle of C4.” • “I’m going to miss that little guy.” Now the reason they like the monkey so much could be as Misty says: “Huh, I had a pet monkey when I was a little girl.” ‘But,’ you’re probably saying, ‘Tank never had a monkey so that just proves he’s not related to Misty!’ But, in Shangri-La, when going down the slide, Tanks says this: “I wish my monkey was here to enjoy this with me.” Hmm… Now, here are some quotes from Misty and Tank that are just too similar to be ignored or coincidental. Why would 3arc give two unrelated characters such similar quotes if they weren’t trying to hint at something? Misty: “Power out? Talk about déjà fucking vu.” Tank: “Gonna have to get the power on. It’s like déjà vu all over again.” Misty: “Ha! Did Santa Claus get my letter?” (at the box) Tank: “Looks like Santa got my letter!” (at the box) Misty: “Ka-Plewy!” (Nuke) Tank: “Ka-boom!” (Nuke) Misty: “Pop… goes the HEAD!” Tank: “Pop… right in the HEAD!” Misty: “Ha, maybe I could shove Stuhlinger in there… see if it fixes him up!” (Pack-a-punch) Tank: “Man, I wish I could replace Richtofen with a hot chick!” (Pack-a-punch) Misty: “Aw, this is a bad day in Badsville.” (When getting the FAL.) Tank: “This machine belongs in Awesometown!” (Pack-a-Punch) Misty: “Clean up in aisle 3!” Tank: “We need a clean up in aisle 4!” Here are some other interesting quotes, with possible explanations. • When receiving a shotgun from the box, Misty says: “Look what my daddy left me, I must’ve been good this year!” This is interesting because when Tank receives a shotgun from the box he may say: “Yeah! Fun for the whole family!” or “Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a shotgun!” Perhaps implying he left it for her because he loves her. • When getting an SMG or Ray Gun from the box Tank says: “This is gonna turn them into red mist!” And when knifing he may say something else about mist getting everywhere, I can’t quite recall. Anyway, we all know Misty’s real name is Abigail. Her nickname is Misty. Where did she get that nickname? Maybe from Tank? (Who also goes by a nickname, not his real name, like Misty.) • When looking at his own portrait in Kino, Tank says: “A tale of two Dempsey’s… it starts slow, but it has a happy ending.” What does this mean exactly? It could mean the two Dempsey’s are Tank and Misty. It starts slow because we are given limited evidence and they have no real contact, but it will hopefully have a happy ending with the two reuniting! • And finally, Tank’s famous quote upon buying an M16: “I’m going to buy this for my five-year-old when this is over.” Why would they include this quote in moon when Dempsey had previously never mentioned anything about children? And isn’t the fact that the child is 5 a rather specific detail? Perhaps they included this as evidence that Misty is Tank’s child. Including that she was 5 is a fact listed to help us concur that Misty is the appropriate age during BLOPII to be Tank’s child. So! There you go! Now, time for some deeper theorizing, because I’m going to get arguments that Misty’s dad is dead! She even says so, he was killed by zombies! Remember, everyone, Tank is an elite marine. Most likely, Tank was never actually home in America, not to mention he became a POW so was definitely never getting chances to return home. Perhaps, Misty’s mother moved on when Tank was away and married someone else. Misty was raised believing this man was her actual father, since Tank was never around. Maybe in the end of it all, we’ll finally see the family reunion! The happy ending! Wa-lah! There’s my theory! Sorry it's so long!!

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