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  1. just got skull rank with about ~7 k/d... so? nice k/d theory.
  2. 400 kd? what about me and my friends with only ~150 kd and shotguns D: Atleast 400 kills per game. Example: dont buy quick revive and get to round 18 with approx 525 kills and somehow you die (your 1 down per game). That extra 125 kills will be what helps you rank up. Didnt make it to round 16?(approx 400 kills) ... you wont rank up. What i'm saying is for those with skull or knife ranks that have been playing for a while. And if you mostly play solo. Also, dont use quick revive. Ever. That means not picking up perk drops. that's not fun. (are you even serious?) and how bad has player to be, when he can't survive after 400 kills (round 16?)? you don't deserve max rank if you get it that way. you could just as well go to town, start on round 15 and survive to 20, then leave. same thing, but faster... if you would deserve shotgun rank, you wouldn't have to think that kind of things... and btw, you can get shotguns with only 100 kd, so people won't have to worry about downs if they have 400 kills, even if playing solo AND buying all quick revives. "Also, dont use quick revive. Ever. That means not picking up perk drops." yeah, don't! you would otherwise learn to play the game!!! and get shotgun rank... legit!
  3. those people who leave matches have only 1 reason to quit: downs. i don't remember as many people leave games in black ops... and you have read about how all stats matter? i have read a lot of stuff too. how can they know what matters? how would that work, if all stats would matter? 400 kd? what about me and my friends with only ~150 kd and shotguns D:
  4. you didn't say you are so fricking epic in zombies that you don't need secondary. you told people to keep the m1911 for headshots and accuracy. you know what happens when casual players try to do that? downs. a lot of downs. and what then? rage quits. THEN? other players get angry. stop promoting that. and stats don't necessarily matter. they can be there just for comparison...
  5. going try hard in zombies = saving m1911 just for headshots/ accuracy (not playing for fun). how do you know all those stats do matter? i came here because this is where all those (most likely) false rumors started. nothing to bring on the table? i have already proven that revives/headshots/accuracy don't matter.
  6. the wont give us the formula how to get on max rank, because its most likely something simple (jumping 5 times every 10th round? repairing windows and not looking at them?), as i said in last post. why? because then there would be atleast double the amount of ppl on shotgun rank... it would lose its value. my advice would be not to worry k/d at all. thinking about it all the time just ruins your games ("maaaannn... down again. better lea... "kd_Whore left the game"" sounds familiar?). and even if you get shotguns with kd whoring, you will lose them if you don't deserve them. The rank "system" is not a bread crumb path, there is no end or goal, rather it is how good you are right now. -again @Tommy_Gilmour you do not lose "rank" when you don't play. Rank it's only based on how good a player you maintain. -... and i don't think that you should keep your m1911 just for headshots. just play as you want. i have never went for headshots = i have 19% (last time i checked), and shotgun rank. i also have only a bit over 100% accuracy, so you don't have to worry about that either. none of my friends have got the shotgun rank if they have tried to get it. they all have got it "by accident". "Not buying double tap(as great as DT 2.0 is)seeing as if you are firing a single shot weapon you wont have to worry about the second bullet for every bullet shot missing on an insta kill." DT 2.0 shoots both bullets on same spot if ADS (except for SMR, LSAT, maybe some others..) people: dont go full tryhard. buy perks that you find helpful. (AND there is a stat for buying perks, am i right?)
  7. back in the day people used to do that glitch where they were jumping in the room next to tranzit spawn room, only accessible with turbine. they had around 40 kills each and few downs, but got on rounds 100+ (the glitch made game to skip rounds). after that everyone in the lobby was shotgun rank. no revives. no high k/d ratio. nothing. soo... explain me that. also, why would treyarch make ranking system so complicated? you all are like "yeah, it's (k/d + revives)/opened doors*accuracy" why would they do that? (just giving you something else to think about than k/d) and, all those people following jimmy on twitter... in his last tweet, he asked how often people had got on 25+ rounds. maybe you get your rank by your average round? btw jimmy has said playing coop or solo doesnt matter. they are equal. so this also cancels your theories about revives SORRY. "@TiredPancakes: @ZielinskiJimmy Hey jimmy , can your rank increase better in solo or multi?"good question, are you better in solo or co-op? - youknowwhodontpretendlikeyoudont. Rank. Play every game like it counts. Because it does. - the same person. sorry if i offended someone, i'm really tired of these theories without proper proof.