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    Haha, thanks man. I saw the label at the top almost immediately. I actually didn't notice the other one was scratched until you mentioned it haha. But this new image is just all sorts of confusing for me earlier theory with French being on the in game version. Treyarch at its finest. But major kudos to Personio for the find. Just incredible work.
  2. tEScarecrow

    All Ciphers

    The M word is "müssen". You can see it in the top image unscratched between the projector wheels.
  3. tEScarecrow

    All Ciphers

    @Shootinfish I ran "Lautenrk" through google translate, it autocorrected as "Lautenwerk" which translates to "according to factory". So it being a manufacturing code would make sense. Still doesn't explain why there would be missing letters, or why there's French right in the middle. German unlike English doesn't have too many adoptive words from French, or other languages for that matter that I'm aware of. And this isn't a situation where it's replacing a word they don't have, or even part of regional slang, seeing as the castle is in Austria. As i theorized, it may be part of a title, but the problem with that is its not capitalized. Still is very odd that a French word would just be thrown in there for no apparent reason. This lends some credence to it being a reference to the children, which makes it time for being a keyword, or at least a breadcrumb to lead us in the right direction.
  4. tEScarecrow

    All Ciphers

    Hey there all. I've been a member here in the past, but cannot recall the spelling of my old handle, or its password. So I am back with a new one, but I never stopped reading all the fine work this community does. I'm also hoping to provide some insight here. @certainpersonio I may be of some help with translations. While I don't speak conversational German, I do have a decent knowledge of the language. Thank you proclivities for European music! I also have a fair amount of knowledge on other Bavarian languages, as well as some French and Scandinavian. There is one word that jumps out immediately from @imbathijs post. "Maison", which is French for "house" or "home". While I am still working on figuring out whether the rest is of any language. I do believe this may be a possible keyword for.....something. Being that there is the oft mentioned children being safe in the "house", and that at one point Griffin Castle doubled as a home for Samantha. And that we have previously been in France, it isn't all that far fetched there is something here. It may be nothing, but i really think there's something here. Especially considering the rest, as of now, is gibberish. And how clearly it is provided for us to see, or that it doesn't fit at all with the other clearly legible German on the console. I will also try to find out what the Tagalog name Glaicha is in English, as I fortunately work with several Philippinos. Given that these two words appear side by side, I feel it may be a title, ie: "House _____". I wont be able to help much if the rest is a cipher, as I'm quite the novice. But I am hoping to learn and can still maybe help provide context along the way. Feels good to be posting again, have really always loved this game and its lore as well as how this community comes together to figure this stuff out. Hope any of what I've said helps in any manner, time to get working on the rest!

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