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  1. Do not mock me, bear!

    Welcome and enjoy your stay, please add the video to the video database. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/videos/ thanks for the welcome, I don't seem to have an option to add it to the video database. Is it possible it's a mobile browser issue?
  2. Do not mock me, bear!

    Hey guys! I had made an account here years ago and thought I would return in anticipation for Black ops 3! I recently made a "Short film" version of the Exo Zombies cutscenes I think you may enjoy. I removed and added music and sfx and slapped it all together so you can get a cinematic look at the story. I also made the poster which I'll include a link for below. Whats the general feeling around here regarding exo zombies? I know some of the community ive talked to in the past arent big fans, but whats the general consensus with you all? Anyways, hope to get some new zombie buds on here to make some videos with! Feel free to add me up! Xbox One - MALS0L0 Steam - Mal_solo http://malsolo.deviantart.com/art/Call-of-duty-Exo-Zombies-movie-poster-Original-554722751 http://malsolo.deviantart.com/art/Call-of-duty-Exo-Zombies-movie-poster-Var-1-554723678